About our home based spa

Judi's Studio & Health Spa is a place to relax and unwind.  

A time for Self Care.  

Detox or / and lose weight.  

Health Coaching.  

Reaching for your goals.
Judi's Studio & Health Spa is a home based business nestled in Kanata Lakes near Centrum Plaza.  As you enter the studio you will feel your troubles melt away.  

Every care is taken to ensure a relaxing session.

Music, diffusers, essentual oils, to herbal teas!

Your health is all you have... when you don't have your health you don't have anything!
What are you doing to help your body take care of itself?

Natural Solutions for your health, body, mind and home.  Essential oils are perfect for everyone. 100% natural.  DoTERRA Certified Pure Thereputic Grade essential oils approved by Health Canada.  Workshops and classes are available.

Goal = weight loss.  Judi can help you with the journey.  

Health Coaching using your own goals.  

Or tools like Ideal Protein weight loss protocol can be used to help your journey. Real food combined with Ideal Protein gourmet foods.  Yummy!

Her signature Shake, Bake and Detox is a 1.5 hour spa style detox.  Relax while your body does the work... and DETOXES!  

Short on time try Tea-tox - Ion Cleanse & Detoxing Tea only 30 minutes.

Welcome to Judi's Studio & Health Spa.  Consultations are available in person, phone or web based.  

Check out our NEW health packages.  Chat soon! :)

Wishing you a healthy day filled with laughter and love,  

Your future is NOW!

Judi Curry

 Relax at Judi's Studio & Health Spa