Hi, Thank you for dropping by!

Life is a journey - not a destination!

I love my life but some chapters have been more of a challenge than others... and so many have been a complete joy! Life is what you make it... :) smile and the whole world will smile with you:)

I guess that kind of sums up what I love to do.  One friend's son asked if that lady who always laughs is coming over!  I stopped to think! wow! is that how he thought of me! Then I thought - sure! sounds good to me. :) I am not a funny person but I do love the smile and laugh.  You won't find me watching anything too scary except maybe Murdock Mysteries lol! and that is just a fun, story line taking place in Toronto, Canada and I think he is cute. Oops did I just write that? ;)

A bit about me! I have three amazing daughters who I am so proud of! with five active, handsome and interesting grandsons. My biggest frustration is that they live so far away as they are spread across the country.

I had a home daycare for over 27 years - wow! so many little munchkins!  I loved it. I taught classes and supported parents looking for daycare.  It was a rewarding experience... and so fun!  What other job can you play at the park all day?

After I separated I keep my daycare and then bought a gym - Changes for Women!  Now that was a learning experience!  You never know what you don't know - until you find out you don't know it!  

Would I do it again - probably but I would like to start where I finished!  It is a big learning curve.

I now have another Home Based Business (my daycare was one too!). 

Judi's Studio & Health Spa - and that is what brought you here. 

I love helping people. Now my focus is on big people not the munchkids of the past. :)

Weight loss has been a challenge all my life (as so many people).  I use many tools: including Ideal Protein protocol, essential oils, health coaching!

For my 59 birthday I gave myself a gift. I went back to school -to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  This is an on-line year program with a conference in New York City. 

I am now an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

During my studies, I met some amazing people who now are also Health Coaches.  One person, in particular,  changed my life as she introduced me to essential oils with dōTERRA.

We were studying Candida - brain fog, sleepless, weight problems, cravings, lack of focus, ... and so much more... Going on a Candida cleanse seemed to be a no brainer!  I started learning about the power and amazing qualities of doTERRA essential oils - yup! I was hooked! and loved it! 

I have learned to listen to my body (ok I don't always pay attention! but I hear it!).

Through blood work I have found I am intolerant to: wheat, dairy (oh no cheese!!), eggs (there goes a quick supper), nuts, ... so basically veggies, fruit, and meat are ok! Hmmm!

Life is full of challenges... take each day!  

as one person said ... you can do anything for 10 seconds... then maybe another 10 seconds...

 Come join me on this journey called LIFE! 

If you would like to hear more of my journey or how I can support you - please let me know - I do love to chat!

And of course One-on-One consultations or book a class....

so many possibilities. <3

Judi Curry


Board Certified Holistic Health Coach